Effortlessly keep your customers informed with a beautiful status page.

Build trust and peace of mind with transparent communication.

Stay Informed Effortlessly

Keep your customers in the loop, as they receive service updates automatically. Customers can subscribe to updates via their preferred communication channels such as Slack, Email, or RSS. All plans included unlimited subscribers for hassle-free communication.

Streamlined Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with popular monitoring tools such as Pingdom, New Relic, Datadog, and more. Automatically update your status page and ensure customers stay informed whenever an incident arises.

Brand Customisation

Craft a status page that mirrors your brand identity. Add your logo, select your brand colours, and choose from a variety of customisable templates. Make it yours by choosing to host it on your domain.

Collaborative Team Management

Empower your entire team to collaborate on incident management and customer communications. Invite your whole company, ensuring everyone is on board and ready to lend a helping hand.

Swift and Reliable

Ensure your status page is always available, with lightning-fast performance and global accessibility. Your status page is transformed into a static website and hosted by Cloudflare.

Incident History

Showcase your commitment to transparency and reliability with a detailed incident history. Build trust by keeping your customers informed about your product's performance over time.

Brought to you by a trusted team

SumoStatus is brought to you by the team behind WatchSumo, a website uptime monitoring service that has been trusted by businesses for over a decade.

Our team has a wealth of experience in website monitoring and customer communication, and we're passionate about helping businesses build trust and reliability with their customers. The idea of SumoStatus came in response to customer demand for a more transparent and collaborative way to communicate service incidents.

We believe that a status page shouldn't just be about showcasing your uptime. A status page is a way to inform customers about outages and issues affecting the service, a way for you to be transparent and build trust. That's why we created SumoStatus - to provide businesses with a more transparent and collaborative way to communicate about service incidents.

Get early access to SumoStatus and see why businesses rely on us to keep their customers informed and build trust.

Lifetime Deal

Be part of our beta, launching May 2024.

one time payment

7 spots remaining!

  • One status page for life
  • Use your own domain
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Unlimited components
  • Private beta launching May 2024


You are pre-launch, that sounds risky? Why should I pay now?

We will launch with a limited access beta in May 2024. Buy now to guarantee a place in the beta and lock in the lifetime deal price.

If we don’t launch our beta by the end of May 2024 and give you access - for whatever reason - we will issue you a full refund.

What if I’m not happy with the product once you launch the beta?

If you aren’t happy with our product and we can’t resolve the issue in a timely manner, we will issue you a full refund.

What happens when the spots run out?

Right now we are looking for a small group of early beta users who can help us shape the product. We will open up more spots later, however the price will be higher.

Will I have to pay more in the future if I buy the life time deal?

You will have access to all features we currently have planned, and new features when we build them, for life. The only exception would be features that have usage-based costs (for example, SMS or phone calls).

What do you mean by component?

A component is a functional piece of your application or services architecture. Examples of what we mean by component would be ‘Website’, ‘Database’, ‘Background Jobs’, ‘Integrations’, ‘API’. Incidents can affect multiple components, and customers can subscribe to different components to receive the updates that are relevant to them.

Do I need to pay more when people subscribe to updates on my status page?

No, unlike other status page services, all our plans include unlimited subscribers. Whether you have 10 or 10,000,000 subscribers you pay the same.

Where is your status page?

We will also be eating our own dogfood, so we’ll put a link up once that part is ready 😀

I want to ask something else?

Feel free to get in touch via email, and we can get on a call if needed: [email protected].